When will Challenge Mode be available on the app?

Q2, 2023

Which payment methods will be allowed within the in-app marketplace?

Credit cards. Other sources in Q2 2023.

What will users be able to spend their in-app earnings on?

In our E-Commerce store such as pickleball paddles, balls, shoes, clothing & training.

Will app users have to pay extra to use the P2E feature?

No, the P2E feature is part of the free membership.

Where will the first court be built?

We are currently in negotiations with multiple court opportunities. We are in talks with the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, an RV park owner with 40 locations, a facility in Arizona and many more!

Where can I sign up for early access to the app?

Click our "Early Access" button on the website and sign up!

When is the app going to be ready?

Picklezone V 1.0 is currently in development. Q1, 2023