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own an exclusive digital avatar and become a VIP Member to unlock exclusive benefits, such as discounted prices at events, commissions on product sales, and governance rights to shape the future of PICKLEZONE!
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Discover courts near you and rate them
Connect with other players
Invite friends and get rewarded
Plan matches and join leagues and tournaments
Monitor your matches and progress
Access to lifestyle content
Keep track of your rewards
Win rewards and redeem them on the e-commerce store
Enhancements to playtime, level-ups, and rewards capabilities
Gain Access to special training content and programs
Enjoy greater savings on merchandise
Take advantage of reduced prices at events and tournaments
Unlock exclusive three-year free membership at the PICKLEZONE Pickleball facility
Get the first right to join the Play & Earn game on the app
Receive lifetime Premium Membership to the Play & Earn game
Earn additional $PICKLE rewards for referring others
Receive lifetime commissions on products sales from referrals
Gain governance rights to shape the future of PICKLEZONE
Enjoy court rental, merchandise, and other discounts