All About the PICKLEZONE App

What is the PICKLEZONE app?

PICKLEZONE is a community-based app where pickleball players can earn rewards based on real-life play. We are also connecting our members with brick-and-mortar clubs—and building them too—that support and integrate live sports play & earn.

There are five million pickleball players in the United States and there aren’t enough places to play. Our top priority is to build modern clubs and integrate play & earn elements to an already beloved and fast-growing sport.

Our mission is to inspire more people in their local communities to take up pickleball and earn Web3 rewards (while also learning about what Web3 has to offer) while exercising. The app was designed to make it easy for non-crypto players to earn without learning how to use a cryptocurrency wallet.

Our premier app offers everything pickleball – play & earn, exhibition play, leagues & tournaments, rewards, discounts, game tokens, interactive court finder, reviews, location sharing, chat, events, and an e-commerce store for apparel and equipment.

How to Play & Earn

To take full advantage of everything the PICKLEZONE app has to offer, you need to register first. You only need to enter a valid email address and the verification code we’ll send. You can play & earn without a membership—however, your tokens won’t be playable and the rate of earn will be lower.

To unlock the full potential of the app, you’ll need to unlock your wallet and tokens—which can be used in-game or exchanged. This is done by a game membership NFT in the form of a Paddle. Once you secure your Paddle, you’re ready to play!

Here’s the step-by-step process of how to start earning:

1. Arrive at the court
2. Open the app
3. Choose a Paddle
4. Press play
5. Play your match
6. When finished, press stop
7. Enter your score

Once you stop and enter your score, you will see how you rank and how to unlock more rewards.

The Rewards

Here is an overview of the rewards you’ll get through the play & earn system of the app:

  • Pickles: These are the reward points that are earned through playing pickleball matches.
  • Dinks: These are governance tokens that give you community voting rights and other benefits.
  • Paddles: Also known as Dynamic NFTs designed as pickleball paddles. Each paddle comes with different attributes (e.g., power, karma, spin, durability), types, traits, tiers, treasures, and troves.
  • Characters: Also known as PFP NFTs designed as pickleball characters. These characters unlock special benefits like community voting rights.

Tokens can be used for paddle repair, unlocking paddle troves, leveling up, secret locker boosting, paddle levels, and paddle minting. There are also opportunities to earn discounts, daily deals, and rewards from the e-commerce shop. And, finally, there are opportunities to earn tickets to tournaments and special pickleball related events.